eGroupware: GroupDAV „account is expired“

I had this error message when using KOrganizer with eGroupware and it did not disappear after re-enabling the user. In fact it even showed additional other error messages when retrying, first „bad user or password“ and finally „blocked, too many attempts“. The problem is that egroupware somehow stores the login error in a php-session. All php-sessions can be deleted by running the following command as root. (This is for Debian/Ubuntu and PHP5, it can be different for others)

 rm /var/lib/php5/sess_*

Please note that this will log out all users on all php applications running on your host! If you can’t do this (e.g. on a shared hosting website), disable your GroupDAV client for a long enough time so that the session will expire. For debian, session.gc_maxlifetime is set to 1440 seconds = 24 minutes, and a cronjob deletes old sessions every 30min. This means you should wait one hour and then re-enable your GroupDAV client.

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  1. Phillip sagt:

    I am currently struggeling with groupdav/egroupware and kontact with the 1.8 version from december.
    Which version are you using and did you set any special config options to get it working?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. admin sagt:

    Hello and thanks for the first comment on my website 🙂

    I’m sorry I wrote Kontact instead of KOrganizer (now corrected).

    I am using egroupware 1.6. It mostly works with KOrganizer (no experience with kontact!), but I would not want to rely on it for business. You need to check groupdav in the user’s settings and enable xmlrpc and soap in the global configuration (german „Konfiguration der Anwendung“, application configuration). Try to access the groupdav URL with a web browser, perhaps some error message will apear. I use the URL and set it to automatically store changes and fetch updates every 10 minutes.

    If you get it working with kontact, please let me know.



  3. Phillip sagt:

    I found out how to do it and will blog about it the next days.

  4. Peter sagt:

    Thanks for this solution..

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